Getting vine3.0 to start on boot

I have tried to find the answer to this question on, and with help from them, I have gotten closer. But it seems the most logical place for help is on this forum. Please note that I have very limited knowledge of the mac… I only use the itunes app. so please consider that in your answer.
I am running Leopard 10.5. Below is my last post to EE.

Vine is now in the list of login items as per your Method 2 to get an app to automatically start on booting.

When the mac starts, it does indeed put the round green vine icon in the dock, but it does not actually start it. To do that, I must click it. That causes the icon for the volume (the white box) to appear on the desk top, a white dot to appear beside the green icon (saying it’s running), and a screen to appear that says the server is running, which, when minimized becomes a screen icon under the dock divider bar.

It would seem all I have to do is click “Open on Login” on the green icon in the dock. I do that. But it doesn’t stick for the next re-start. Restart puts the green icon in the dock, but “open at login” is no longer checked (which is why it doesn’t start).

In summary, what we have done so far causes the Vine icon to appear in the dock on a boot, but does not actually start it.

If you want to see the complete discussion on EE, this is the link:

It sounds like you’ve put the disk image for the Vine package in the dock, not the application. When you download the package, you get a disk image (like a virtual CD or DVD), from which you need to drag the application into the Applications directory on your Mac. It’s that application that you then need to put in the dock and set to run at login.

I’m basing this on the fact that you say “That causes the icon for the volume (the white box) to appear on the desk top” – that definitely indicates that you’ve mounted a disk, not started the application. You don’t want to run the app from the disk image.

I’ll ponder that… how would I fix it if that’s the case?

Are you saying that I should drag the white box icon
to the trash? That I don’t need it? That it is like an install file in Win (which I am so much more familiar with ).

I should have mentioned that I’ve been running Vine3.0
for 9 months without a problem… except that I have to
manually start it when I boot each time. I thought it would
be nice if it were in an autostart sequence.

Open the mounted image. Depending on what you downloaded, it will have either just the Vine Server or the server and the viewer in it.

Drag the application(s) from the Finder window to the Applications folder on your machine.

Unmount the disk image and yes, you can move the file you launch it from to the trash.

Open the Applications folder and drag the Vine Server to the Dock.

Now do the setup for start at login and you should be good to go.

That almost gets it!

When it launches, it leaves the Server Running screen open. Is there a way for it to automatically minimize? Or do I have to do that manually? I looked over “preferences” but didn’t see anything that might work. Basically I want Vine to start when I boot and run in “background” without any action from me.

I access the mac desktop from a PC in another part of the house to control itunes, which continually broadcasts via an FM transmitter to radios around the property. There are no other users so I have the “allow only one user” option set for security. I turned off “advertise thru Bonjour” because I don’t know what that is.

Thank you.

Look under the Server menu. You want to set up the System Server and disable the Open at Login feature on the Dock.

Did that, and when I boot nothing shows up in the dock but the server is running because I can access the mac from the pc. Perfect!
Thank you.