Getting rid of advertise pop-ups

Hello community,
first of all - let me introduce myself I’m new to eggplant and I’m coding
a series of test suites. The test ‘target’ is a webshop system; the SUT is
a WIN 2000 PC providing several browsers (IE5.5, Netscape 7, Netscape 6,
Opera, …). These browsers are triggered from respective eggplant scripts.

My problem so far how can I get rid of advertisement-popups?
If I run a script, it will finish succesfully, but sometimes it leaves an ad-
popup on the SUT’s desktop. If the same script is part of a test series, this
remaining ad-popup avoids the start of the next script because it covers
the browser-icons on the desktop and the next script cannot find the
browser-icon it needs to start the respective browser …

Any idea? Is there anything I can tell a script to send to the WIN2000-SUT
to show up wit a ‘clean’ screen? Or - is there any method to identify ‘un-
wanted’ popups (rather difficult, I think …)

My regards to he community,

It sounds like you ultimately want to close every window that the test generates, which makes this task a little easier than if you needed to leave the main browser window open. I would suggest that you just use a repeat loop that looks something like this:

repeat while imageFound("closeWindowButton")
    click foundImageLocation()
end repeat

This just looks for the titlebar button with the x in it (you’ll need a capture of it) and clicks it wherever it finds one until they are all gone.

The Windows interface has some challenges because they are not always very good about providing appropriate visual cues and the fact that each browser window is a separate process means that there’s no “quit” or “exit” for IE.

thank you very much! I will it with your code.

The Windows interface has some challenges …

OH YEAH! You can say this loud!