Getting Error on Putting Items on a list/string


I am currently trying to put dates into a list and I am getting an error once I’ve tried running it.

The code I am using:

put ("08/19/2013", "08/12/2013", "08/25/2013") into FromDate

The error I am getting:

Invalid Range Only numeric, date/time, and character ranges are supported.
Execution Time 0:00:02 RUN Script.script

Can someone tell me what is wrong, are dates not allowed in List/s?


At what point are you getting this error? There’s no problem with putting dates in a list and I’m able to run the code you posted with no issues. What are you trying to do with the list after you create it? What version of eggPlant are you running and on what platform?

I got it running now, I got the error from another code after checking, when I got your confirmation on Dates on Lists