Getting DAI Logs through an API request


Hello Team,

I am trying to get the logs from a run with an API request.

At this point, I managed to get through the authentication process following this guide: DAI v6.5 Documentation → Eggplant DAI Execution API Endpoints → Authentification Method

Once I had my ‘bearer token’, I tried to follow this example: DAI API v5.2 → Run Logs → Get a single log in Python

The request must be like this:

r = requests.get(url, headers = headers)

However, I tried to replace url with :

  • /ai/runlogs/665
  • localhost:8555/runlogs/665
  • localhost:8555/controller/runlogs/665
  • localhost:8555/controller/results/665

And none seems to work. Is it a feature that is still maintained or a deprecated one ?

Many thanks,

Hi Theo.

This is Nige from Eggplant Support.

Please be aware that we no longer formally support the DAI API and do not actively publicise its existence. The documentation for it on our website is also due to be removed imminently. This is because the API endpoints can potentially change with each new release of DAI, so an endpoint that worked with one version might no longer work with the next. This makes formal support of endpoints and their documentation impractical. Instead we now promote the use of the Eggplant Runner (Running Automated Tests | DAI Docs), which focuses just on the automation of DAI test runs. If you wish to make use of the DAI API you must therefore bear this in mind and be prepared for endpoints to stop working and for there to be no documentation on the new endpoint, assuming of course that there even is one.

Having said this, for your particular case of wanting to retrieve the log for a particular run, the /ai/runlogs endpoint was still working recently:


If you have successfully obtained an API token and are sure you are constructing this request correctly, but it still does not work, then the endpoint has most likely been deprecated recently.

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Hello Nige,

Thank you for your response. The requests works well now.

I do understand the complications liked to the support of DAI API and its support. It’s nice to have an API to do log processing.

I will see how to set up the Eggplant Runner instead of the API.

PS : The link on your documentation to “Download the CLI” on the page : “Running Automated Tests” goes to a “Page not Found”

Best regards,

Thanks for reporting the broken link. I’ll get this fixed. The correct download link is: Eggplant Integrations Downloads

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