Getting a second license?

Hi Eggplanters,

We just purchased our first Eggplant license here and a nice dual core Mini to go with it. Since we only have the one computer, what would a second license enable us to do?

We offer something called a “two-pack” that allows you to run a second copy of Eggplant on the same computer in command-line mode (at a reduced price).

This allows you to have one copy of Eggplant running all of your production automation scripts while still enabling Eggplant Users to create and run new test scripts.

So is it not possible to have a second VNC session open and run 2 scripts independently?

Certainly, with a second full license you can run two completely independent copies of Eggplant. This would allow you to be working on two scripts at once. It’s even possible (on Mac OS X Tiger) to setup a second account that another user can access (via VNC) to run that second Eggplant in an independent desktop.

But, if your only interest is in running a second script then you are better off with the two-pack option. That does have the script running independently, it’s just not in the GUI environment. And of course each Eggplant needs it’s own SUT to execute against.

Is the two-pack option the same price as two independently purchased node-locked licenses?

No, the two-pack price is at a significant discount. The best thing to do is to fill out a quote request on our Quote Request Page.