Generate the events

Can eggplant generate co-ordinates when we perform action on SUT?

For ex: When mouse click happens on a button “help”, can eggplant generates X and Y positions of the button which is clicked?

Also, is there a recording facility to record the series of events user performs on the SUT


  • Karuna

eggPlant won’t generate coordinates into the script – that’s completely against the fundamental approach to scripting that eggPlant uses. Coordinate-based scripts are fragile. eggPlant will find a button wherever it appears on the screen based on its appearance, even if it’s no longer at position (235, 419).

eggPlant uses what we refer to as assisted recording. You can’t just click around (but you can – more or less – just type); you define the element that you want to interact with via the capture area and then use the toolbar to specify the action that you want to perform on that element. Once you become proficient with the capture process, it takes only a little longer than a straight record.