generate Documentation HTML from Sensetalk Scripts

Do you have any aid /tool/script that can generate Documentation HTML from Sensetalk Scripts . Something like what javadoc/doclet can do ?

There isn’t currently any tool that provides that kind of functionality. It shouldn’t be terribly hard to write a script to do this, though. I’d be happy to help, if we can define what information the output should include.

As a quick first shot, would this be more-or-less what you’re looking for:

  • a list of every script in a suite
  • for each script, a description, plus a list of every handler in that script
  • for each handler, a description of what it does, plus a list of all declared parameters to that handler
  • for each parameter, a brief description of what it is for

Anything else?

Also the Comments can have Embedded HTML in it like javadoc . Is it diffcult to check Cross References to other Handlers and also list out if the Handler can throw and Exception