Garbage as screen

Hello (sorry for my “buggy” english),

With Vine Server up to date, when i’m connected with CoV, i’ve a screen with a garbage of pixel instead of the screen of the computer.

I use several “profiles” in CoV without success.

Any idea ?

With the trial of vine viewer, the connection “relaunch” indefinitely.
here the console log :

2007-09-12 14:11:03.990 Vine Viewer[1331] Connecting to -- Screen Size 1440 X 900 [32]
2007-09-12 14:11:19.991 Vine Viewer[1331] Didn't get timely update from VNC Server (16.0000) - try reconnect
2007-09-12 14:11:19.991 Vine Viewer[1331] Connection to Server Lost - Retrying 3
2007-09-12 14:11:19.992 Vine Viewer[1331] Trying to connect - XX.XX.XX.XXX: 5900
2007-09-12 14:11:23.138 Vine Viewer[1331] Sending Password


Can you send/post the log from the OSXvnc server side?