Full screen or hide toolbar in Vine Viewer ?

This is a feature request unless I am missing something. Can we have either a full screen option or the possibility of hiding the tool bar to maximise the vertical space.

Thanks - Michael

To hide the toolbar, simply click the oval button in the top right corner of the window.

Thanks for the suggestion on offering a full-screen mode. We’ve heard that from other people as well, and will consider adding that in a future release.

Hello; just been testing Vine Viewer on a 266MHz Powerbook G3 to use as a terminal for a modern iMac running Vine Server, and, unlike alternative viewers, this seems to run stably at respectable speed+CPU usage on client/server. Excellent!

However, I cannot find any Full Screen option. Am I missing a recent addition, or is this still on the wishlist? Since scaling makes text harder to read, my choices are scrolling or reducing to 800x600; a far more usable alternative would be full-screen 1024x768.


Full-Screen will be part of the next release of Vine Viewer, due out shortly.

I’m delighted to hear that you’re planning on adding the fullscreen feature. I’ve been wishing for this for a long time.

By the way, I made the transition to Leopard with no problems at all under the current releases of Server/Client.


Hello. Fullscreen is nice, it is an added value and a competitive advantage of VNCViewer.

Nonetheless, there is no option to close the floating control panel that appears for existing fullscreen. At least in 3.0 version the close button doesn’t work and there is no option in the preferences to avoid that it appears.

You can close that control panel in full screen mode by using the default key sequence for it which is Cmd-Option-~.

Thank you for that cue. Spanish keyboard has not the ~ key: it is generated with the keystroke Option+?, so Option+Cmd+? doesn’t work.

I have solved it by editing the VineMainMenu.nib resource and assigning the keystroke Cmd+Option+2 to that menu item.

Please, take into account this internationalization issue in future versions of Vine VNC viewer.

You don’t need to go mucking with nibs.

Anyone can override the key stroke for any menu item (at least for Cocoa apps) by using the System Preferences->Keyboard and Mouse->Keyboard Shortcuts panel. You can specify keystrokes global or per Application. Just make sure to type the name of the Menu Item exactly as it appears.

Thank you again for that helpful hint. I guess that other Vine VNC viewer users would make also use of it.