Fonts supported by the TIG

I have 2 questions about fonts used by the Eggplant TIG v1.02

I’ve been using TIG for a few weeks now with moderate success. My biggest stumbling block has been fonts used by my web designers.

Question 1: Is there a way to ‘install’ new fonts to the TIG so that it can generate them? For instance, Berthold AG.

Question 2: Is there a way to get a ‘dump’ of all fonts natively supported by the TIG? Like a list my name at minimum, or listed out using each font would be even better. Than I could give this list to my designers & call this our ‘supported’ fonts.

Michael Brinlee
QA Manager

Yep, developers of software both for testing and for use are troublesome at times :slight_smile: Here is a link that contains viewing tools.

You are right, driving development by what is testable is not a bad idea, yet keep in mind the CHI aspect and make sure your selected supported fonts are desirable to your customers :slight_smile:


Thanks for the link. I d/l’ed FontList v1.3. Excellent piece of s/w & that it displays all fonts in HTML is rather useful for me. Thanks again.

So on my first question, does the TIG use any installed fonts on the SUT or does it use it’s own built-in list of fonts?

The Windows TIG v1.02 uses the .Net system for font support. Whatever .Net reports the Windows TIG should be reporting as available.

As a side note, we recommend you download the ScreenOCR tool (wonderful and powerful) at and use that to identify your remote fonts on a windows SUT.