Folders to organize the TableScripts and Run with command

2 Questions. Appreciate any help.

  1. I am trying to understand if it’s possible to create folders to keep the TableScripts organized like we do under Scripts. I did try creating a folder, place a TableScript but didn’t even list under TableScripts pane in the tool.

  2. Can we run the TableScript using RunWithNewResults or similar command? When I tried like below, getting the error - NSInvalidArgumentException: TableScript(instance) does not recognize executeScriptWithParameters:

Set tsFolder to parent folder of SuiteInfo().Path & "\MySuite.suite\TableScripts\"

set currentScript to "MySampleTableScript.table"
RunWithNewResults tsFolder & currentScript

Hey @scsvel,

  1. Folders are not supported for tables.

  2. You can run tables from command line. Running from the Command Line | EPF Docs (
    I could not locate any sensetalk command similar to runfeature or run or runwithnewresults

:pushpin: Tables are discontinued and will be removed from the product according to our release notes.

Whats the use case for you ? What do you gain from it? How do you use it? Might make sense to reach out to your Account manager or technical consultant to discuss the options and define the future solution.


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@Karsten Thanks for letting me know that tables will be discontinued.

My related question. So, How I can achieve something like keyword-driven script (similar to table)?
For ex. I will be having an excel where I will be just listing the keywords (i.e. Handlers) in the order that I want to execute.


For this to happen, somehow, I need to keep all the handlers loaded/available in SUT environment scope, so I can try to execute these handlers in global scope. Is there any command or options available/supported as of now in the Eggplant to achieve this? (Like Execute, ExecuteGlobal for .vbs files)