firmware touch screens

Hello all,

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    I am automating a set of manual tests for a medical interface which has a firmware on and a touch screen. I am new in eggPlant but I have done coding before and one thing is frustrating is the fact that I have to rely completely on a BlackBox approach. I cannot reach the code level and grab elements so that the touch screen is the only thing I have to work with. My first question so far is: how can I interact with the firmware touch keyboard? I am trying to generate some random strings and send it to the keyboard. I tried to capture all the keys one by one but the problem is eggPlant cannot find a comma, apostrophe, dash, equal sign, point, and even some obvious characters such as 8. Any suggestion would be appreciated.

Regards, Jahan

Hello, Jahan,

Can you please submit this as a case to the TestPlant support email address and include some screenshots of what you are able to see when you are scripting?

What OS does this device run? For all the OSes I’m aware of, you would just use the TypeText command which does (via VNC/RDP) interact with the underlying typing mechanism and not with the onscreen keyboard.

Hi Matt,
Thanks for your reply. I am working with support team on this. Meanwhile, I was able to enhance my character recognition statements by using proper searchRectangle,TextDifference, and DPI.

Thanks again