Find Text Issue (Nexus 7)


So I have a script that finds the username and password field and types the credentials in. This works fine on the htc one x and one or two other android devices. The issue arrises with the nexus 7.

So in my script i find the placeholder text with contrast color of white, tolerance 15. Finding this isnt a problem on the nexus 7, the problem occurs when I click on the username field (or password) and type the text in, the keyboard pops up and then the script breaks because now it cannot find the next field (password). Like i said this works find on other devices.

I fixed the issue by discovering that i can find the same text on the Nexus 7 if i use contrast color of grey, but this does not work on any other device, just the Nexus 7.

Below is an example of what i mean:

– Finds this if keyboard is down –
Log ImageFound(Text:“UserName”, ContrastColor:(255,255,255), ContrastTolerance:“15”, Contrast:“On”)

– Finds this if keyboard is down –
Log ImageFound(Text:“Password”, ContrastColor:(255,255,255), ContrastTolerance:“15”, Contrast:“On”)

– Find this if keyboard is down and up/ does not work on the other devices, only the nexus 7.
Log ImageFound(10, (Text:“Password”, ContrastColor:(162,162,162) ,Contrast:“On”))

I can fix this by just doing a simple if statement to test if the white can be found and then just using grey but im curious if there is another way I can do it?

Thank you for your help :slight_smile:

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