Find it with OCR, Click nearby / Move the hotspot

There has to be a way to do this. See the screenshot.

I’m going to get a screen with 4 Bank accounts on it. They will always have different Names, Account Balances, and order is not guaranteed but they will ALWAYS be in the same container/graphic/arrangement. And they will always have a dollar sign.

I’m going to get the name of the account in advance so I can load that in a variable and find it with OCR. (Green Box)

Now I want to capture the account balance. (Yellow Box)

There has to be a way to say, “you found X here… now look just below it and scrape the number and store it.”

Any suggestions welcome. Examples even MORE welcome.

put readText(foundImageLocation() + (0, 20)) into acctBal // the actual adjustment may be a bit different, but you get the idea

Then I can use that point to Drag Left to right to select and capture the balance I guess?

No, the code I provided just uses OCR to read the text directly below the label. It’s all the code you need, although you might need to add some other parameters to the readText command (validCharacters:"$.0123456789", for example) depending on how well it works without those additional parameters.