Find (ctrl+f) in eggplant (windows)

Here are a few suggestions for improving the find mechanism for the Eggplant script editor:

When I open the find dialog with control+f, the dialog does not initially have focus in the text box. It should. Eggplant actually is quite buggy when it comes to focus–I’ve given focus to one script only to have my keystrokes be added to a background script, or even applied to the connections dialog. Although there has been an increase in stability since the last update, I still find that Eggplant requires restarts daily. I’ll try to note what I am doing at the time when I notice this next time.

Further, when I open the find dialog and press a key, a system beep is generated-this seems to be the standard error sound from eggplant. Having an actual sound effect (that can be muted) would be much appreciated, as I work in an open office space and the sound really carries.

Finally, i’ve been editing a lot of eggplant scripts in notepad++ ( because of the find+replace functionality (which can search an entire directory tree and not just one file). It’s indispensable for updating all of your scripts when you change the way a function is called, for example. It may be out of scope for eggplant, but a notepad+±caliber find function would be nice–even just the replace functionality would make it seem less primitive.

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The issue with focus in script windows has been determined to occur when windows are minimized and restored. If you avoid minimizing windows you shouldn’t see that problem. This will be addressed in the next release.

We’ll try to get focus to the text field on the Find panel.

I’ve heard other people remark on the Windows version of eggPlant beeping, but I can’t get it to make a sound. My system is producing sounds – the click sound when clicking on a link, audio from web videos – but never a peep from eggPlant. So this is not something that we’ve done deliberately and while I’d like to be able to tell you how to stop it, I can’t tell you why it’s happening.

We hope to add a more complete find functionality in a future release; it’s already on the list of potential features. There are some stopgap substitutes on other platforms (as you have found). On recent versions of MacOS a Spotlight search will include script files so you can find (although not replace) instances of a word or phrase. On Windows, Google’s desktop search could fill a similar role and there is likely more than one way of doing the same thing on Linux, although I’m not aware of a specific tool.