Find and Replace in All Scripts

Is there a way to do a FIND and REPLACE amongst All your scripts?

For example: I want to FIND

Click “image”

and replace it with

Click “image2”

Without having to open each script.



I’ve wanted that functionality as well. Until then, you’ll have to write a script to do it.

Two other things that would be beyond useful would be a way to search all scripts and return everywhere a handler is used, and a way to right-click a handler name and jump to its definition.

Also a variable/image renamer (right-click–>rename) that changed all occurrences in the current file.

Even adding a spotlight plug-in would be beneficial…

Sorry to get going on this–it’s one of my “hot spots”. This is not helping your current situation unfortunately…:oops:


I posted a script to do find and replace across all scripts in a suite a couple of months ago in the Examples forum. Hopefully that will help you for now.

The right-click idea is a good one. We’ll take that as a feature request, along with the other suggestions. Thanks!

We have saved all our eggplant-scripts in text-format (not rich text), so i do search and replace in the free texteditor ‘TextWrangler’ (search and replace in all files in a folder).

In TextWrangler you can also search with GREP regular expressions.
Sometime i also only will see, where in all the script files some code-snippet will be, so i know what a modification maybe affect. (only ‘find’ and not ‘find and replace’ in TextWrangler)

Maybe there are other Texttools with this functionality for you.