Final Cut Pro won't start

Running Vine 2.2 under OS 10.5.1 on a 2.8GHz C2E iMac. If I try to start Final Cut Pro 6.0.2 I get the following dialogue:

* Final Cut Pro requires that your system have a Quartz Extreme capable video card.
* Final Cut Pro recommends that your system have 64 MB of VRAM; this system has only 0 MB of VRAM.

Is there any way Vine could provide emulation for this please?

Not that I would want to use FCP normally via VNC, however when I have spare time it would be useful to practise with FCP, along with the other Final Cut Studio apps.

Motion, for example, just gets stuck in a loop - the splash appears, goes away, reappears, etc. I am unable to force-quit it.

The issue is with Apple OS X and FCP, and when you are using a Fast User Switched (FUS) account the video hardware apparently is required to be ‘visible’, and that can be done when you are not FUS out of the account you want to run FCP on.

For instance

  1. Create an account where FCP will be run
  2. Ensure you are logged into that account
  3. Run FCP, and Vine Server
  4. FUS out of that account to where Eggplant will be used/run.
  5. Run Eggplant
  6. In Connection (cmd-k) or in script, make your ‘Connect’.
  7. Test FCP.

It works great here using 10.4.11 on FUS or on seperate machines, and is the only way currently of driving FCP as a tested process at this time with our products. You may find it a bit helpful with a login launch on the account for the FCP on the FUS so all you have to do is FUS to the account, wait for the launch to finish and the FUS to Eggplant account.

NOTE: Also at this time we are working on certifying our software on Leopard 10.5 for later release this year or early next. As of today, they are not supported on 10.5.x


Thanks Todd. I’m just about to head off on holiday for a few weeks, I’ll try your suggestions when I return.