Feature Request

Hello, thanks for the great app.

Two features that would help a few of us would to add something to the system bar to let us know when someone is connected to the vine server.

Like with ARD. It be nice to know if someone was ever on my sesion watching me.

  1. Is there a script or a check box that we can run that disables some of the core image stuff like minimizing widows and other nice eyecandy that slow down vnc

thanks again for all your work.

Notification of Connected Users is high on our list for Vine Server.

I don’t have a script written up that does these things but I have written down the steps I do here to boost VNC performance:
All of these settings are in the System Preferences application.

[list]Set the screen background to a single GREY color (the Mac colored ones aren’t actually single colors).
Make sure to turn of “Use smooth scrolling” in Appearance.
Set the font smoothing style to “Standard - best for CRT” in Appearance.
Turn off “Magnification” and “Animate Opening Applications” in Dock.

Thanks for the feedback. We’re always eager to accept feature requests. The connection indicator is a good one!

In regards to your system’s visual effects, you can disable some of the visual effects of your system under your system preferences. Other visual effects can be tweaked using third party apps. I recommend that you take a close look at Cocktail and TinkerTool. These tools have quite a few useful features that will allow you to tweak some of OS X’s visual effects that can’t be tweaked through the system preferences.

Keep them coming!

wow. Nice to hear devolpers so open to feedback. :slight_smile:

I’m new to OSX. Do you think some of these steps could be a automator action.

Has anyone tried anything like that?

The reason I ask is it can be somewhat of a pain to turn these off and on all the time.

The script to change the System Prefs could be done with AppleScript directly pretty easily. Automator is more of an automation flow process for chaining individual AppleScripts together.

The second one could be done by something more sophisticated like a shell script file monitoring the VNC vnc log, but that one is more likely to happen directly in the project and would be harder to script.

I’m going to try to learn apple script and do this. However if someone has any hints or done this id like to hear.

I’m looking for two scripts. The optimize for vine server script that does the above, and a return to rich gui eye candy script.