Failed to route message, queue does not exist in AI model

tried to run my AI model but there are no script running and it shows these messages. any help would be greatly appreciated, Thankssss

Good day.

For issues of this type, please contact Eggplant Technical Services so that we may help you troubleshoot.


This error occurs when there is an issue on the Agent/Eggplant Functional side which causes it to lose the connection to the DAI server.

The simplest solution is to close the DAI agent, and then end any hanging eggplantDAIAgent and eggplant.exe processes still running in task manager.

Then restart the DAI agent and reconnect to the DAI server.

We recommend that you restart the Agent at least daily to minimize the likelihood of this happening.

Significant improvements are being made to the DAI server/Eggplant Functional integration with each release of DAI.