Failed to connect Ascom Myco 3 Android Device. Its displaying Blank Screen after connection established

Hi Team, We have tried to connect Ascom Myco 3 device through Eggplant Android Gateway 7.0.0 to the Eggplant Functional Tool and connection established – Screensize 1080 X 1920. But After connecting the Android Device, Blank Screen is getting displayed and we are unable to capture the screen.

Please look into this issue.
Steps followed for Connecting Ascom Myco 3 to Eggplant Functional Tool:

  1. Get the Host IP Address: and VNC Port: 7000 from Eggplant Android Gateway.
  2. Add the Host IP Address and VNC Port in Eggplant SUT Connection Tab.
  3. After clicking on Save and Connect. The connection got established with Screensize 1080 X 1920 and Blank Screen getting displayed. Please find attached Screenshots.