Facing compatible Issues with different SUT's


I’m facing some compatible issues with the different SUT’s. Our scripts are working fine in one SUT and the same scripts when I ran in other SUT(Different one after connecting through RDP) they are failing due to some issues like MoveTo command is not working, SendKeys is not happening on the text field, some images are not recognizing and some times click action on the webElement also not working.

Note: We are using Chrome driver version: 89, Chrome browser version: 89 and Selenium web driver version: 3.8.0
I tried with selenium stable version 3.141.59 jar file but the issue is still exists.

Please guide me to resolve this issue.

Any help will be highly appreciated.

Thanks in advance!

Also Note: In the old SUT we are using Chrome driver version: 2.33, Chrome browser version:89 and Selenium WebDriver version: 3.8.0. Where all the scripts are absolutely working fine.