External Reporting Capabilities

In the past I have used PUT to create a .txt file of JSON objects on my local machine and then post that to Testlink leveraging the Testlink API Key via a .jar that one of our developer wrote.

I know that the Jenkins plugin will report back to Jenkins. But our Jenkins is not hosted where my Eggplant resides. I guess I need to read the Jenkins Plugin docs… I assume it has to be local.

I’m being asked by management to find out how Eggplant can Export Reports. We do not want to view reports in different places for different tools. Everything has to go into a Central Point of Record.

It could be a Wiki, Jenkins, SQL. I’m just exploring options. I assume we can do a post. But I also assume that would be one test at a time. That could be odd.

Just wondering what other neat things people have come up with.



Did you get any further with it ? Would love to hear…