Execution License

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I have scouted around and have had no luck in finding some docs on running the execution license. Commands, trouble shooting etc. We are running on a Mac Book Pro connecting to a Mac Mini Lion Server. Can you direct me to the nearest info booth?

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You can read about running from the command line in our documentation:


Please let us know if this does not answer your questions or you have any other specific queries.
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Set-up: Execution License running on a MacBookPro with eggPlant downloaded and added 1 x execution license and 1 x floating license

Connecting to the client a Mac Mini.

Error: No valid License Found for eggPlant-Mac

Entered into the command line: (* added for security)
eggPlants-MacBook:~ eggPlantEM$ sudo /Applications/Eggplant.app/runscript /Users/eggPlantEM/eggplant/eggplant_mVoyPublish/Scripts/soakTest.script -host eggPlantClient01 -port 5900 -password ***** -username ****** -colorDepth default -CommandLineOutput yes -GlobalResultsFolder /Users/eggPlantEM/eggplant/executionResults -ReportFailures yes
2012-11-14 14:57:37.044 runscript[1324:491b] FineReader non-expiring license. Unlimited Usage
2012-11-14 14:57:37.142 runscript[1324:a07] Initialized VNCViewer SDK
2012-11-14 14:57:39.217 runscript[1324:a07] No valid License Found for eggPlant-Mac
eggPlants-MacBook:~ eggPlantEM$

any clues?