Exception Remote Connection Unavailable

Is there a way to catch a specific exception in eggplant so that I can try to fix the problem. The Remote Connection Unavailable is very annoying and always wrecks a lot of our script runs. I believe that this exception can’t be caught in omega13 but I might be wrong. Also I’m pretty sure this wasn’t fixed in the new Eggplant update :(.

If there is any solution to deal with this problem and save the running scripts instead of failing that would be great.

Look for “the exception global property” in the SenseTalk Reference. You can get the name and reason for the exception. From that you should be able to handle specific exceptions.

When are you getting this exception? Is the connection actually being dropped, or do you get the exception when the connection appears to still be active? Are there any messages in the Console that correspond to this error? What VNC server are you connecting to?