Exceeded ePF Licenses - Not enough eggPlant Functional licenses to run

When I am running a test from Eggplant Manager, it’s giving the status ‘Exceeded ePF Licenses - Not enough eggPlant Functional licenses to run’.

I have Installed the Eggplant manager on my laptop and configured the SUT machine inside the Virtual box on the same computer. In Eggplant manager GUI, I have configured the Agent, SUT, Appliances, Access Group, repository, and uploaded the Script file. I have checked the agent status, and it is showing ‘Online’.

I am not sure where it is going wrong and still have a lot of confusion because:

  1. I have the script and tested it on the same SUT (Virtual box) machine from Eggplant functional. Connection type I used to connect with that SUT machine is Web Driver type in Eggplant functional. The confusion is when I configured the SUT machine in Eggplant manager; I used the connection type as RDP. Is this a problem? I tried to connect using TCP and got the status as 'Timed Out’.

  2. I have checked the licenses in Eggplant functional and found one development and 1 execution license. Then why I’m getting this status ‘Not enough eggPlant Functional licenses to run’?

  3. Can I see the real-time execution after I triggered?

  4. Which connection type should I use? If my SUT machine is in Virtual box and connection type used as Web driver while running my test from Eggplant functional.

Thanking you all in advance.

Hi Rahsinha,
from time to time i face the same issue with ep Functional. In this case I close all ep applications and check the content of directory %AppData%\Roaming\eggplant. If there are files ‘eggplant*.running’ i am deleting them. Afterwards the ep starts as usual.
Best Regards.

Hello, please email issues of this type to the Eggplant Support team at eggplant.support@keysight.com. The forums are more for sharing scripting ideas rather than solving problems.

For this specific issue, you need to enter the IP address of the RLM license server into the Licenser Host field in Admin > System Preferences in Eggplant Manager.