Ethernet port no longer working - did Vine kill it

I installed vine on my macbook pro and it worked great controlling my Desktop G5 via Vine Server. Then I paid up for a licence. Now at the Macintosh System level my Ethernet port will not even acquire an IP address. System profiler still shows it OK, but it will not acquire an IP address even if I turn all other interfaces (airport, etc) off.
I have restarted my router - no difference.
Even more strange is that the port on the ethernet switch to which I connect the Macbook Pro will not light up, so it doesn’t even see anything on the end of the cable. Cable has been tested and is OK. HELP!
What do I need to completely uninstall Vine - maybe that would do it?
Thanks in advance.

Because you aren’t even getting a link light, it sounds to me like it might be a hardware problem. Possible the best way to determine it would be to boot-up from your Mac OS X installation CD and (from the Installer menu without re-installing) run the Network Utility tool to see if you can get any network traffic that way. If you can then it is a system level configuration problem and can probably be fixed by changing some settings in System Preferences->Network; if it can’t then you are going to need to do take the machine in for repair.

I wish I had more to suggest, but I can guarantee that Vine (Viewer or Server) couldn’t have impacted your network interface in this way. Vine makes no modifications whatsoever to your network settings and isn’t even aware of which physical interface is being used. It just uses whatever network connection exists. Like any application that receives or sends network traffic it’s just using a service provided by the operating system.

Thanks for your help. Did what you said - seems like my ethernet port is dead. I have had so many machines over the years and I have never seen this before. I don’t doubt what you say that it has nothing to do with your software, but it’s an amazing coincidence in any case.

I have a mac notebook with a flakey ethernet port, won’t get an IP or even report it’s linked, but that darn hub link light goes right on when I connect it. Zapped the pram a few times and no joy, even ran some hooty-tooty diagnostic program and it said “oh, no problem”), so luckily it has airport, and so does the office.