Error Sending Cursor

I use my MacBook extensively every day from work through VNC. OSXVNC has been great (much better than ARD’s VNC) but I’ve run into one small annoyance:

I use MoneyDance ( to manage my bank accounts. It appears to display a specialized cursor when performing tasks that take a few seconds. This cursor seems to cause a problem for OSXVNC – the VNC session will just freeze and not take any user input until I instruct my VNC client (Ultra VNC on Windows) to “Request Screen Refresh”. Then, everything is back to normal until the next time MoneyDance tries to display the custom cursor.

Here is the error from the OSXVNC log:

2006-07-07 08:35:34.703 OSXvnc-server[3234] Error Sending Cursor

This error is logged each time MoneyDance tries to display it’s custom cursor. Is this an OSXVNC bug? Anyone know of a way to resolve it? It’s not a huge problem since I’m able to work around it, but it’d be nice if I didn’t have to!

Update: It seems if I enable the option “Let remote server deal with mouse cursor” in my Ultra VNC client, the problem is resolved!

Well, it shouldn’t hang anymore with remote cursors on, but you might notice that you don’t always get cursor updates anymore. Instead you are just getting a local cursor that probably won’t change shape.

However, thanks for reporting this problem – we’ll look into fixing it so you can once again use the local cursor display. The detailed information you provided will make it pretty easy to duplicate and track down – we love those kinds of bug reports!