Ergonomic + Efficiency Tips & Tricks

There are plenty of general resources out there, but since we’re all working with the same product, I figured there might be some tips / tricks which make working with Eggplant a little easier–especially for those of us slammed with COVID work. I’ll start.

Challenge: Speed / Efficiency vs. hand strain

As background, I avoid using my mouse when working with EPF–using shortcut keys is faster / more efficient. The trade-off is that shortcut keys are more likely to cause hand / wrist strain. “Run Selected” is an example culprit.

Solution? Get an “MMO mouse”

(Alternately called a “MOBA mouse”). See all the buttons in the pic below? You can bind keys, shortcut key combos, or even macros to each of those buttons. I was vaguely aware of this technology but sort of dismissed it as a gaming thing (they are primarily marketed as a gaming peripheral). But after just a few days of user I can say with 100% confidence that anyone who spends time at a computer can benefit from the investment.

I did a little research over the weekend; here are a few options that seem to be highly regarded:

I didn’t want to risk waiting on an online order, so I hit a mom n’ pop shop. Due to limited options, I went with the Naga. I haven’t even gotten the hang of it yet and already I can say that it is incredibly useful. It’s eliminated the worst hand-strain offenders. It’s saving me some time scripting / navigating–and once I settle upon a final macro / key configuration and usage becomes muscle memory, I expect to fly with this thing.

I hope this helps! If anyone has ergonomic equipment suggestions or tips for moving faster with Eggplant–I’d love to hear them.

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Since I began using the Microsoft Natural Ergonomic Keyboard (4000) years ago, I almost never experience any keyboard fatigue. I recommend placing the keyboard on your lap. If you have trouble with the laptop sliding around on your legs (I sometimes do in the warmer months), you can adhere a little non-slip pad to the bottom of the keyboard.