ensuring that eggOn is launched and Started/Ready?

Is there any way to ensure that eggOn is launched and started and ready for a connection, VNC Listening is on?

I find that if my iPad or android device is inactive, overnight for example, the next day I have to make sure that eggOn is started, because more often than not, it is stopped - before I can connect to it.

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Another common occurence seems to be that the connection screen goes blank/black (because the screensaver came on?) and then the only way to get it to update with the current iPad screen content is to:

wake up the iPad (stop screensaver)
close the connection close the “* iPad2 (Capture Mode) *” window in eggplant
disconnect the connection in Window >connection list
reconnect the connection in Window > connection list

is it recommended to NOT have a screensaver active on the eggOn iPad?