Emulating Multiple Monitors via RDP

I’ve searched for this answer for a couple weeks now, and I’ll ask here in the long shot hope someone has dealt with this issue.

I have an eggPlant Functional installation, and I’ve divided my SUTs between execution stations (where established scripts are ran), and development stations (where scripts are developed).

My Execution stations are physical machines that have a multiple monitor setup that my application under test requires.

My development stations are VMs running off an ESXi server, and my developers connect via RDP to utilize them both through eggPlant and for other system work.

My problem is this: My Application under Test is dispatching software and has a large (4-5 monitors worth of) real estate requirement. But, the software checks the current resolution to appropriately size the windows (and they are difficult to resize afterwards).

If I size the RDP session to be 1920 x 1200 the software requirement to render properly, I have to disconnect and reconnect at a larger size to get more of the screen real estate to be usable.

Does anyone know of a software or settings within windows that would allow us to emulate multiple monitors via an RDP session? So we can have an RPD session that spans ~4000 x ~2000 pixels, but chunked to report the 1920x1200 multiple times.


I believe this issue was addressed separately over email, but if not, please let us know.