email when script fails and when to start testing...

I am not a programmer… so please forgive my lack of knowledge about all of this…

I am looking for a way to run a smoke test - suite (that will create some files that I will need to verify)- on a build -every day- once it is published (usually in the middle of the night) and then download and run tests and then email with the results.

I currently use the Schedule for my test suite - kicked off manually by me.
And I have set up email - (got that piece in place) and ran a single test, but it is more complicated than I can figure out - how to integrate the email with the schedule of tasks.

Is there documentation on this type of stuff? I have looked around and I found some stuff in the help, but it really isn’t clear to me how to make the email piece happen throughout the script.

i also found information about the wait command - but the image of the build will always show before the copy is complete… and the size can change, so I don’t know how to capture an image that is complete…

so here is what I think I need:

somehow tell eggplant that the build is ready?

run my scripts (which include creating files - that save to a directory)

if any failure in scripts - send an email with the log files from eggplant and any log file from the application?? (not sure how to do this either - I tried some things but only got a blank email)

else - success - then email that the scripts passed and the files are ready for review.

Seems like a simple if statement, but I am not sure how to get the syntax for all the emails and when to tell eggplant to start
using something other than the wait command.

sorry if this is somewhere else, I looked for a while.
Seems like I have most of the pieces but have no idea what I am still missing or how to kick off eggplant.

thanks for any help you can give on putting together this puzzle.

Usually tests are fired off by a command-line call to eggPlant at the end of the build script. This would be handled by your configuration manager. If you can’t get them to build the calls into the build script, then you could set up a scheduled script run (how you would do this would depend on which platform you are running eggPlant on) that was kicked off at a time when you could assume that the build had completed.

For the emails, you will probably want to create a master script and check the result of each script. There is a good example of what such a script might look like in this post. And there’s an example in [url=]this post of how to send a log file.

Getting the log files from the application being tested is more complicated since it is on a different machine than eggPlant is. You would need to share the drive of the SUT and mount it on the eggPlant machine. You could then access the log files through the mount point using SenseTalks file system functions.

thanks - we are trying to get the scripts to run after the build - but it is not easy.

thanks for the links.