Eggplant's IDE

I find that I am editing multiple scripts from different suites. I need an editor simular to eclipse or net beans.

Essentially I want one window where I can possibly view more than one file at a time and that I can see all other open documents on tabs or something.

I want this IDE to also allow me to do the same image searching, scheduling, and other functions in the current suite window

This is very good feedback. We have been considering a “unified” window approach to Eggplant scripting. That it isn’t something that is ready to go right now, but it is on the development timeline.

My current thought is not to attempt to integrate the remote window, but I do think consolidating Suite/Scripts/and Run window into a single window might have a lot of time saving.

Please continue to share your thoughts for how this interface should work in this forum and we’ll definitely keep them in mind when the UI work starts.

I’d favor integration of the remote window simply because it’ll take up that much less desktop/taskbar real estate. The optimal configuration would be a pop-out mechanism such as Google Chrome uses with its tabbed browsing–that would allow the users to tailor the GUI to their needs/task.

Hello,sorry to enter into this old thread. but we also like to have following enhancement in Egg plant IDE.
could you tell us any timeline when will see this feature :?:

An updated user interface using fewer windows is one of the top improvements planned for eggPlant v12, due out later this year. If there are any other specific features that you’d like to see that might fall under the heading of a redesigned interface, this would be a good time to provide that input. We are always very interested in hearing from our users about ways we might make eggPlant better for you.

  • The ability to have the script stop on an error; allow interaction such as entering a corrected command, variable value, etc; continue execution from that point. This is my biggest gripe about the current UI, having to frequently restart a script and wait for it to get back to the now corrected point of error.

  • The ability to watch and easily modify variables, adjust search rectangles, etc.

  • Intellisense while typing or hovering over language elements, functions, etc.

  • Collapsible handlers to make script editing easier

Of course:

How about a “ToDo” or Task list (Per script? Per Suite?)

There are many times when we need to put in some debug code, or finish a particular handler . Remembering to clean up / finish it can be difficult.

It could even be a separate UI window all together that links to scripts related to the tasks.

I would like a way to view information regarding variables or lists during gui script runs. While this is possible in the current format using the action bar, it would be nice to be able to hover over and get a tooltip of the value, or have another small section of the run window that has all variable names and their values (this should be removable or hidden when not needed).