EggPlant Window locked after running through several test ca

I am testing iOS 8 mobile device:

When I run my scheduled test cases, my EggPlant window will be locked after running through several test cases, rest of my test cases will fail.

In this moment, from the iOS Gateway window, I can’t see my iOS device anymore, when I click home button from iOS Gateway window, I will get following message:
“………Default: Starting Automation
………Default: Launch appName: “xxxxxx” (our production)
……….Connection peer refused channel request for ……” See attached file for detail message.

For the iOS Gateway Setting:
IP Address: fixed IP number
Port number: fixed 5901
Password: None
Bonjour: on
Rest of options are default
iOS Gateway Version: 2.31

Please help.



If I got above situation, I have to Stop VNC Server and Start VNC Server again to let EggPlant window works again.