eggPlant v12 Suite window enhancement

Make the Suite panel collapsible or hide-able.
Re-sizing to the smallest size is fine but when ever you re-size the window it snaps back out to what seams to be a predetermined minimum size.

Make the Script, Images, Result, and Schedules panels within the Suite Panel collapsible or hide-able.
Re-sizing them to the smallest size work okay but I’m sure there is a better way to manage the content in this panel.

Also with everything else being tabbed, include a tabbed connection window.


What platform are you on? The Images, Results, etc. are entirely collapsible on Mac and can be sized very small on Windows (They can be sized vertically so that only the title bar is visible, and they can be made pretty small horizontally). I see that they are not entirely collapsible though, so I will file this as a feature request for Windows.

As for the tabbed connection window; I will pass your request on to development for consideration. How many VNC connections do you typically work with?

Thank you for your comments!


I am using Mac OS X 10.6.8 and I can only re-size the panels, I have not been able to collapse them.


I think you might be using a double-click to collapse the side bar. We have just added the ability to double-click for collapse in the next maintenance release (eggPlant v12.01).
However, I also want to point out that as you are collapsing the side bar in v12 as it currently runs, there is a kind of ‘ledge’ you have to cross before it snaps completely closed. This is because there’s a sort of minimum for how small you can make the side bar before it is completely closed.

Thanks again for your comments!

  • Elizabeth

Yes, the re-sizing does trigger the collapse I was unsure if it was intended to function that way because when you re-size the window with the panel collapsed it snaps back open.

The “snap open” is a bug, that has also been fixed for 12.01.