eggPlant Performance workspaces and source control


as our eggPlant Performance workspaces are shared between a number of testers we’d like to add them to some sort of source control system (probably Subversion with TortoiseSVN).

Are there any files or folders contained in a workspace that should be excluded from source control? (e.g. files generated at runtime etc.)



Hi Jon,

The following lists what you can exclude from SCC

  • The runs folder of a project, e.g. MyWorkspace\projects\MyProject\runs.
    These are where all the files generated at runtime are located

  • The repository folders under both the workspace and projects as these contain the IDE and compilation files that will be regenerated when building.

  • .bak files and the WSLock file.

  • Optionally the Analysis folder under a project as which contains the Analyzer database that can be rebuilt from the results under the runs folder.
    Note that if you want to reliably save and recover complete snapshots, we recommend that you use the Export and Import Workspace/Projects feature under the File menu of eggplant Performance Studio. There are many inter-dependencies of the numerous configuration, data and source files and using this feature ensures you capture a complete and portable snapshot that can also be imported into later versions of the product. This would not be always the case with a file archive.

Let us know if you have any further questions.

Thanks, I think we’ll probably have to use a combination of source control and make regular backups using the export feature :slight_smile: