eggPlant Performance 7.1.1 now available

eggPlant Performance 7.1 has now been released and is available to download from our website.

The new features are as follows:

· Support for WebSockets

o New classes and methods have been added to the Java and C# Web Virtual Users to support sending and receiving of WebSocket messages between a client and server.

o WebSocket traffic is now automatically captured by the Proxy Recorder when recording a website

o Web generation has been enhanced to include WebSocket traffic. The generated code can be customized by creating a new Web Socket generation rule.

· Changes to licensing

o Studio no longer needs to be licensed: you can record, generate, and edit scripts, define workflows, tests, etc. without requiring a license.

o Instead, Test Controller is now the component that is licensed, i.e. you only now need a license to actually execute a test.

o The license format has changed. Previously, a license was simply text. The new licenses are files.

o Old style licenses that have previously been installed will continue to work, so users only need to obtain a new license when their old one expires.

· New script “Regions”

o New regions have been added to generated script for entering import/using statements, and adding custom code to handle WebSocket traffic.

o Any code placed within a Region persists between regenerations of the script.

· Web Generation Changes

o A new option has been added to exclude sub-requests from the generated script completely.

o Code to handle sub-requests has been extracted into a separate method, in order to make the script more readable.

o Sub-requests with Content-Type: application/json are now promoted by default

o New macro, $variable, can be used for planting custom code in data correlation rules.

o It is now possible to filter generation rules by query data as well as by POST data.

· Enhancements to script debugging with Visual Studio and Eclipse

o The Virtual User’s event log is automatically opened in the event log viewer when the debugging session is started. The event log viewer will update in real time as the code executes.

o For a Web Virtual User, the web log viewer will also be automatically opened and updated as the code executes.

· Major overhaul of HTML reports.

o HTML reports generated by Analyzer have a new look and feel that is far superior.

o It is now possible to customize the size of the charts images in generated reports.

o HTML report generation can now be customized by editing a Jinja template.

· Postgressql upgraded to version 9.6

o The version of Postgressql used has changed from 9.4 to 9.6.

o During installation, you will be prompted to upgrade any existing analyzer database to use the new version of Postgressql.

· Linked Charts

o It is now possible to link related charts so that they appear side by side in both the UI and in generated reports.

o The links are stored permanently in the database.

o Notes can be added to a set of linked charts.

· Tables can now be sorted on different columns

o Sort order is persisted in the database and also carried through to reports.

· Chart templates automatically generated for SUT metrics.

· The series on the Request Rate chart are now the request URL’s, rather than the response codes.

· Many more bug fixes and improvements.

Make sure to check out the New Features video available on the downloads page to see some of the new features in action!

Hi All,

A maintenance release of ePP (7.1.1) is now available on the website.

The following issues have been fixed since 7.1.0 was released:

#10076: Web scripting: Need ability to re-use correlation variable
#10995: Live web log viewer unable to display all Text content
#12112: Web engine: Infinite loop if a request requires a client certificate and one has not been set
#11892: Unable to open workspace using “Locate Existing…”
#12287: Test name containing a ‘.’ causes exception in test controller when looking at previous test runs
#12310: Fixed bug causing heatmaps to break if non-numeric values appear in the table cells
#12343: Duplicated request leads to script failure
#12422: Analyzer: Exception thrown when browsing if the DB contains a test run whose import was not complete
#12294 Severe error - wrapped C++ object of type QAction has been deleted (errors view)