Eggplant objects

Do you guys think you could write a couple of sample scripts showing the use of objects in Eggplant

I have read through all your help for them, but still have a very half-baked idea as to how to use them.

Some scripts would really help.

Something very basic will do

For example say we have a Bank account with attributes:
Type of account (Savings/Checking),
Current Balance
List of transactions

and a Customer object with attributes:
Bank ID,

and have a script that creates a few bank accounts for a couple of ppl.


I’m also interesting in how to create object, and how to manipulating it. If you could please tell.

  1. How to define an object, and properties belong to this object.
  2. How to define an object that inherited from object above.

Sample script would be very appreciated.

One of our developers will respond to your requests. In the meantime, I’ll just say that we don’t really see objects as an essential part of Eggplant scripting – they’re available in SenseTalk, but I don’t use them myself in test scripts. Often a simple property list will be as effective a solution as an object.


Thank you very much!

That was great

I can see how useful this will be for me now.


This rocks. Thanks for the tutorial.

(off to re-write some stuff that was kinda clunky… :wink: )

For anyone reading this topic and wondering where the Tutorial is… I’ve moved it into the Examples forum to make it easier for people to find.

You can get to it here: