Eggplant not working with UltraVNC on Vista

Hello, I am trying to get run some automation on my Vista SUT. Vista Enterprise to be exact. I have UltraVNC installed because neither TightVNC nor the free version of RealVNC support Vista.

When I try to connect to the Vista SUT using Eggplant I get a failed to connect error, connections was lost and could not be reestablished.

Although I don’t know for certain it seems to be an Eggplant issue as I can successfully connect to the same Vista SUT using the VNC viewer software on my local machine.

Any ideas what this & how to fix it? Thanks.

In Eggplant->Preferences->VNC please disable the ZLib Hextile encoding

I think that should fix it up for you.

Thanks that helped. I am now able to successfully connect to the Vista SUT from the Mac. However for some reason I can’t see anything in the viewer window. Once the connection is established all I see if a black screen. If I connect the SUT using the VNC viewer on my local machine I can see the desktop & its contents.

I disabled all the options in the VNC Preferences dialog but that didn’t help. I checked the UltraVNC forms but I can’t seem to find anything about it.

This link might solve your problem – we aren’t having any problems here (once that encoding is disabled)

Thanks for link.

I was out of town last week & catching up this week so I haven’t had a chance to try this until now.

I have 2 Vista machines I am testing on. One is an actual hardware machine & the other is a Virtual Machine. I followed the steps in the link & I am able to view the VM’s desktop no problem but I still see nothing but black for the hardware machine. The hardware machine is over 5 years old so it’s possible that that might be the issue. I think it might be time to punt this over to our IT people.