Eggplant not recognising on Safari under Leopard OS

Hi Folks,

My application is a web application which i automated on Tiger and I intend to port my framework on Leopard OS. I created complete text based framework. Now when I am trying to perform some click operations on the login page of my application, It is not recognizing at all. On careful view, I can see that Safari on Tiger is showing the fonts as slightly bold which is not the case in Leopard. However, I was able to record clicks on Tiger without using Bold:“Yes” attribute.

I am attaching the screenshots for the login screen under Tiger and Leopard OS. Also the fonts in Leopard OS are the same.

I used the following code which was running successfully on Tiger:

Click(Text:“User Name”,TextFont:“Trebuchet MS”,TextSize:13, TextColor:“White”,TextBackGroundColor:(0,0,0))

Any suggestions?

Are both systems using the same font smoothing setting? It looks like the Leopard OS may be set differently.

After doing some bit of R & D, I came to find out that the problem was there in the Leopard OS only. I logged out my SUT and logged in again and the Safari font was restored to bold. But at the time of executing scripts, it again changes all of a sudden, I dont understand how.

Any resolution or workaround for this?

Also, all font settings for Tiger and Leopard OS are exactly the same.

Here’s a closer look at the text in question. As you can see, the bolder font (top picture) is using a stronger font smoothing setting in Tiger (a system-wide setting). In Leopard, a more standard setting is being used (grayscale font smoothing). The images are really quite different so it’s not surprising that eggPlant cannot match them easily.

What version of Safari is being used on Leopard? It is possible that Safari is using a different setting for itself, aside from the system setting. Check the Safari preferences (Appearance tab) on Leopard and ensure that it is set to the same setting as the system preferences.

Other things to check:
[list]Ensure the eggPlant script is not changing settings incorrectly
Ensure the TIG setting in eggPlant is the same for each platform (Tiger and Leopard)[/list:u]

Well, there’s no reason that I can think of for the font to be changing spontaneously on the SUT. All of the font rendering for the Mac text generation is currently done on the Eggplant machine, so that couldn’t be affecting the SUT.

One problem you are going to experience however is that the both the font rendering and the system fonts themselves are different under 10.5 than they were under 10.4, so you can’t currently use the TIG feature reliably between Tiger and Leopard boxes with some fonts. We plan to release a standalone TIG server for the Mac in the near future which will eliminate this problem by allowing the TIG rendering to occur on the SUT

Even I am surprised that the font is changing spontaneously on Leopard OS at the time of executing the scripts. I am not working on Tiger anymore. I am only working on Leopard. In order to resolve this issue, I followed the following steps on my Leopard OS:

  1. Close the Safari Window.
  2. Reset Safari and Empty Cache.
  3. Quit Safari application.
  4. Relaunch Finder
  5. Open Safari and then Reset Safari and Empty Cache again.
  6. Relaunch Safari.

After following the above steps, the font gets back to normal (which is shown like bold). But on executing the scripts, all of a sudden the font changes. Dont know what is happening. I even log off or even restart my MAC and the font gets back to normal but only for sometime…At the time of execution, it changes again leading to failure of scripts :frowning:

One possible reason for the font rendering to change is that you have specified “Automatic” as your Font smoothing style in System Preferences->Appearance. The Automatic detection will switch if your main display changes.

We generally recommend setting both the Eggplant machine and the SUT machine to use “Standard” font smoothing which only uses grey scale and is easiest to match.