Eggplant not detecting newer versions


We are using 22.0.0 and i noticed that in the v22 release notes that 22.1.0 was released in april. When i use the “check for updates” feature though, eggplant reports it is up to date. I found your download page, which states latest version is 22.2.0… where can i find the release notes for this version?

many thanks

Hi Paul,

I was able to find the 22.1 release notes at this link: Eggplant Functional 22 Release Notes | EPF Docs ( It looks like it was updated with the release notes July 7th 2022.


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Looks like there are 2 distinct copies of the release notes…

Eggplant Functional 22 Release Notes | EPF Docs (

Thank you for sharing your link @Blandine

@SenseTalkDoug is this something that should be unified?


We’ve recently switched to a new documentation system. All of the latest docs can be found at

The older docs will also remain online for a while I believe, to support old links, so this means there may be two versions of docs that can be reached if you have the old URLs. It’s probably best to stick with accessing the docs through the new starting page.

Hey there,
I here looking for why the eggplant is not detect the latest version I want to published some post related to my website crossbow but it could not detect the latest version.

Hey there,
Great Question I was about to say the same, I am also facing the same problem with me. I want to detect the latest version of eggplant for my website remotecodesportal. How can I do this. Need help regarding this.