Eggplant Lite?

We have a website that we want to monitor 24 hours a day with some logic.

Something like:

Launch IE
Go to a URL
Login within 20 seconds
Click a few buttons
If anything fails login to webmail and send me an email.
repeat every 2 minutes.

We have been using but it only really checks that Tomcat or HTTP are up. We want to check human activities. EG. make sure customers can login and get to work within 20 seconds.

Eggplant can do this no problem. But we don’t want to burn up an entire license to have it running on a machine 24/7.

  1. Do you have an Eggplant Lite? :slight_smile:
  2. Would you provide this service on one of your loaner machines?
  3. Any other suggestions?

I see in your future a subscription opportunity!

Hey Bass-O-Matic–

There are some options, but they will require an upgrade, so you will need to contact Richard Ward (I’ll send you an email introducing the two of you).

Thanks for your continued support!