EggPlant Jenkins Plugin with Parameterized Builds


First Time Long Time …

I’ve been using the EggPlant plugin (v2.2) and have a small issue I was hoping someone here could help me resolve.

I’m doing a Jenkins Parameterized build and want to pass some of the parameters I set into my Eggplant/Runscript command.

If I have a variable defined called TEST I can’t figure out how to tell the Eggplant Plugin to use the parameter. I’ve tried $TEST and ${TEST} but I can’t get the variable to expand to it’s actual value when the runscript command is executed (instead it just prints out $TEST in the actual command syntax).

I actually noticed that the Display Variable (generated by the XVnc plugin) also doesn’t seem to seen by the Eggplant Plugin either. This was something that I had working using an earlier version of the plugin.

Any ideas? Is this possible?


Anyone using the Jenkins plugin?

This is a known issue and something that we are looking to resolve. In the meantime, it is best to build command line calls directly through Jenkins, which should allow you to use Windows arguments.
You can read about running from the command line here: