eggplant issue connecting with RDP

Does anyone else have an issue using RDP with eggplant and it is very slow and crashes frequently. I tried using eggplant to rdp to another machine that doesn’t have eggplant on it to see the performance and the rdp connection using eggplant was slow too.


I can’t speak for all users, but this is not a general problem. There have been occasional reports of this behavior, but it seems to affect only certain machines. We test and use it in house to connect to both local and remote machines and have no issues.

I was having some issues with screen refreshing, it was slow but not actually crashing.
I went back and changed the RDP settings from colour depth of Millions to Thousands, I also set the remote machine to have a plain background, once that was done I saw a pretty hefty increase in performance.
My biggest improvement and stability though came from changing the RDP resolution from 1920x1080 to 1600x900 and setting explicit search areas for my items.