Eggplant Functional v18

Version 18 of Eggplant Functional is now available:


• Selenium WebDriver Support – Selenium WebDriver calls can now be incorporated into Eggplant scripts.

• Roaming Licenses – Administrators can now check out licenses to testers working remotely or traveling between offices.

• Expanded Language Browser – The language browser in the script editor now includes more basic elements of SenseTalk, and new topics such as Selenium WebDriver commands and functions.

• New Sample Suites – Added new sample suites that demonstrate SenseTalk scripts, Gherkin features, Scriptless (Table) tests, and API tests, respectively. You can open these suites from the Welcome screen. (Help menu –> Welcome to Eggplant)

• New Installer (Windows) – The new installer offers faster installation in a smaller download.

• Updated icons and design

For more information please download the full release notes.

Selenium WebDriver Support is great and I’ve seen some of the documentation but I would like to know if there is a tutorial or a project example using Selenium WebDriver with Eggplant. Thanks!

Hi there! There are some examples in our Interactive Glossary:

We have also added WebDriver documentation here:

I was executing a script in Eggplant (v18.0.1). It didn’t find one image and soon after the system got slow and non-functional. Neither the keyboard nor the mouse worked, So I had to force shut down. Then after restarting my Windows 10 system, the eggplant is not opening. showing “Eggplant.exe has stopped working”… I tried all sorts of possible solutions, nothing worked. Please do suggest me ASAP… Thank you…

Hi Everyone,
Am trying to connect my SUT as ‘WebDriver’, but am getting error as
"WebDriver Connect Failed: A connection attempt failed because the third party connection did not properly respond after a period of time, or established connection failed because connected host as failed to respond."
Steps i have follwed prior this.
1. Installed Webdriver.exe from testplant downloads, and it is running in SUT before hitting to connect.
Please let me know if steps followed are wrong or any additional is required.
Please do suggest me ASAP… Thank you…

The items below are all in the Release Notes for 18.2, but I am unable to find any documentation on them. These are items of interest to me, but I don’t find them fully self-explanatory. When should I expect to see documentation on these items?

  • Improves source control integration for Git and Subversion.
  • Adds Script Checker, which performs static analysis of scripts and suites.
  • Adds Usability Mode. Run tests in this mode to verify that the application under test follows conventions for usability. Tests include:
    • Checking for moving targets in the app.
    • Visual feedback for button presses.
    • Checking for images and text that load too slowly
    • Improves source control integration for Git and Subversion.
    • Checking for forbidden images or text left over from branding changes.