eggPlant Functional v17.2.2

Release 17.2.0 (26-September-2017)


•	API Testing – There is a new script type, API Tests, used for testing REST and SOAP web APIs.
•	OCR Tuner – The OCR tuner enables you to preview OCR behavior during the scripting process.
•	Character Collections– Character collections are sets of character-images that you can search for as strings. Character collections are useful for consistent, but low-quality text that is not suitable for OCR use.

Scripting Improvements:

•	Suite Variables– Variables that are set in Suite Settings and predefined to be usable by any Script in the suite, include API Scripts.
•	You can now create ScreenShot connections from a Connect command by passing the full file path for the name and adding type:"screenshot" 
•	Added a CSVFormat function and a CSVValue function 
•	The TypeEncodedText command now logs that it was called.
•	Adds the Textstyle Global Property– The new global property, the textStyle,  is shorthand for a given style of the current text platform. For example, the following command: 
⁃	set the textstyle.caseSensitive to yes
•	The TextStyle can be used to refer to any of the styles defined in Preferences, as in:
⁃	set the textstyle to "Android"

User Interface Improvements:

•	OCR Tuner– Can be turned on from the Remote Window Toolbar or from the Capture Area context menu.  When shown the OCR Tuner will display what is read in the Capture area with the shown settings.
⁃	You can adjust the area and change settings until you determine the best setting of properties for your SUT.
⁃	You can then save those properties as a Text Style.
•	Diagnostic Preferences– In Preferences > Run > Diagnostics, you can now choose the search heuristics you use for the Image Update feature, both for images and text, and both for manual and automatic updates.
•	Text Preferences– Infrequently used settings have been moved into an Advanced section. Also, there is a new preference that enables logging of all text found with OCR. 
•	Resource Files– You can now drag new resource files into the Resource list in your suite, or add a new resource by right-clicking the Resource list and choosing Add Resource.
•	Character Collections – Character Collections provide a way to identify hard-to-read text on the SUT; for example, low-resoultion text.  Character Collections work best with consistent, un-anti-aliased text.
⁃	Choose Control->Start Character Collection Capture Session.
⁃	In the Viewer window, click each character that you want to include in your collection. When finished select End Session. 
⁃	In the Sessions panel name and open your session.
⁃	Select each character in the list to verify what it is, and adjust the capture area if necessary.
⁃	When you are through, click Generate Images. 
⁃	Use Character Collection in a Script:
Log readCharacters(myRect, characterCollection:"LowResText")

Command Line Improvements:

•	When starting from the command line you can now use -password64 VALUE to pass in a Base64 encoded version of the password.  Similarly you can use -pass_code64 to pass in a Base64 encoded version of the passcode.
•	You can now create a session log when running in Drive mode by passing -DriveOutputFile PATH

Bug Fixes / Tweaks:

•	Hotspots will now be shown when Image Highlighting is enabled.
•	RDP Connections will not attempt to reconnect when another user logs that session out.
•	With the latest RLM License Server, licenses are always released after an hour delay (can be lowered to 10 minutes).
•	Fixes a stability problem when eggPlant suites had unresolved helper suite references.
•	Fixes a problem where auto-update failed to engage for some OCR searches.
•	Fixes an [NSConcreteTask terminationStatus] exception when running a shell() command.
•	Fixes a problem running the TestPlant RLM server on Linux.
•	Fixes a rare problem closing suites with the (X) on Windows and Linux.
•	Fixes stability problems in the Variable Watcher when set to Always Display. 
•	Fixes problems with invalid XML in RunHistory file.
•	Fixes some stability issues parsing JSON.
•	Improved memory performance when running a schedule.
•	Fixes some stability issues using the suite-wide search field.
•	Post-run scripts will no longer be logged (as-pre 17.1.5).  
•	Revers behavior when script properties are accessed directly as an object.
•	Restores behavior where a call to ConnectionInfo() will return information on a failed connection.
•	Fixes an error when calling SuiteInfo().path in a post execution script.
•	Fixes an exception when Adding a Representation on the Image Update Panel.
•	Fixes several problems with find and replace looping through the entire suite.
•	Fixes a problem with Helper Suites that had a dot in the filename.
•	Fixes an NSSmallFloat exception when moving a suite window.
•	Adds support for PrintScreen key over RDP connections
•	Rapid Capture Sessions now minimizes the number of screenshots that are stored on disk.
•	Improves the look of the Status List
•	Improves some visual issues on the Save Image Panel.
•	Toggling the captureMode in a script works correctly now.

Release 17.2.1 (24-October-2017)

API Testing Improvements:

API-Test Assistance - Adds the following types of auto-correction in API tests

  • Adds http:// to the beginning of the URL
  • Removes duplicate http from the URL
  • Removes trailing ? character
  • Validates JSON that is being submitted
  • Verifies that a body is present on POST, PUT, and PATCH
  • Validates XML body (Mac OS only)
    Bug Fixes / Tweaks:


  • Fixes a problem that could cause script execution to fail to end
  • Improves behavior when running Eggplant across multiple monitors
  • Fixes a problem that caused the API() function to persist beyond interrupted script executions
  • Fixes a problem that could cause API tests to fail to save
  • Added support for externally produced, grayscale images to be used in suites
  • For command-line execution, now supports using the -param argument in any position, not just as the final argument
  • Fixes a problem that could cause generated script commands to contain unused property placeholders
  • Updates Eggplant to support Zlib VNC encodings on Mac OS 10.13.
  • Fixes several performance and stability issues

Release 17.2.2 (7-November-2017)

Bug Fixes / Tweaks:
• Fixes a memory access issue when doing OCR operations on 64-bit Windows platforms.
• Fixes a problem setting a breakpoint while scripts are running
• Fixes a problem when attempting to use the auto update on a CharacterCollection search
• Fixes a problem that could occur when deleting multiple images at once
• Adds Connections to the values imported and exported from the preferences
• Fixes a problem returning the API:JSON response body
• Fixes several performance and stability issues