Eggplant Functional using Github Actions

Is there any specific documentation on how to integrate Eggplant Functional with Github Actions? I wish to run the scripts on Github using a yaml file. Anybody have experience doing this?

We’ve just started doing this, but we are calling DAI Test Configs to run Eggplant scripts. I’m not sure if you can run EPF scripts without using DAI.
I’m terrible with GitHub and had to get a lot of help to set it up. But the starting point is here:

That is probably enough for most competent people :smiley: .
I think you need a github enterprise account to do this.

You can run Eggplant scripts from the command line for sure, and doing this has the benefit that the logs and associated outputs are stored in a sensible folder structure under ./Results that your other tools can work with, rather than being stored in message queue that only DAI can access (I have no idea why anyone thought that this would be an improvement, since the web service API for extracting data from DAI is not shared with us end users!).
To use the command line in Windows, look for this batchfile: runscript.bat . It executes runscript.exe, passing parameters needed for the script to initialise correctly. In our installation it is found in the Program Files/Eggplant folder.

@sjbarda there’s no documentation on using Eggplant Functional with Github that I’m aware of and I’m fairly familiar with what is provided. From a brief look at the Github documentation the process should be very similar to writing a workflow using any other build tool, surely?

Thanks for the reply. My use case is that I need to get Eggplant Functional scripts running in continuous integration fashion on Github using Github Actions with a yaml file. I would expect to see Keysight documentation for this if it indeed works. I’m looking for the step by step process documentation from Keysight or anyone else.

Hey @sjbarda,

You should be able to use the Eggplant DAI Runner. Here GitRepo.
The readme contains the details you are looking for. Which was mentioned before this is from us (Keysight).

Here you can find the Details for the command line arguments and steps around how to trigger the test config.

Did you try already to use the details given? What is the error you receive?
Which particular steps are you missing?

In case you require further support kindly ask you to let you Eggplant Account manager know. He/She will route the request internally.