[eggPlant Functional] Sending a Triple-Click to the SUT

We occasionally get asked how to send a triple-click from Eggplant. We haven’t offered a specific TripleClick command from Eggplant, and I provide some reasons for that below. If you need to put triple-clicks in your scripts, you might want to put the attached scripts in a Helper suite, so that they can easily be made available to scripts in other suites. If you only need the triple-click for a particular script, you can just put these scripts in the suite that contains that script.

We have not put a TripleClick command in Eggplant partly because different applications and OSes interpret three consecutive clicks in slightly different ways depending on how you implement it (which is primarily a question of timing), so it’s important to at least be somewhat familiar with what the SUT is expecting. We find that Triple Click isn’t used that frequently in most applications, and it isn’t always a recognized system event; some things interpret it as a Double-Click + Click, others as three successive clicks and some truly do expect a very quick triple-click. In short, we can’t really say we’re sending a triple-click because it’s not a precisely defined event.

We hope that these scripts will fill the void for those of you who need to use triple-clicks in your testing process.

WRT the “RemoteWorkInterval” value, how does this affect MouseClickDelay, MouseDoubleClickDelay, and MouseMoveDelay?

Is RemoteWorkInterval combined w/ each MouseDelay when excuting the 3 single clicks?
In your code you are setting RemoteWorkInterval to MouseDoubleClickDelay (0.010), but you are calling single mouse Click, which has its own default delay (on my machine it is 0.02). Is the total delay 0.03?

The reason that I ask is that I have very strangely all of a sudden started to get very inconsistent results when using the TripleClick code. I had been using my own TripleClick code for months, and I am fairly certain that neither my SUT for my Eggplant Preferences have changed.

I call TripleClick in a loop (100 times) expecting it to be able to select the same text every time (there is a healthy pause of a few seconds between each loop). It never makes it more than 9 loops before it selects a different portion of the text from the prior loops, usually just the first word (instead of the whole line). The text is a simple string w/ 6 or so words that does get selected properly some of the time. The mouse never moves once it gets inside the loop.

Some strange timing issue is going on here. I am mostly concerned because I have been using this same code on the same SUT for several months with no alterations and no problems.
This problem appears to have started after upgrading to Eggplant v3.2


FYI: This problem was due to a problem w/ the SUT that was causing it to run at 100% CPU. The CPU was so high that the TripleClick timing was off.
The problem went away once the SUT was rebooted.