Eggplant functional RemoteClipboard() issue

In SUT, I executed the code below by double-clicking on the log sentence of a specific screen.
The SUT was connected via RDP.

eggplant script =====================
TypeText controlKey, “c”
Wait 1
log RemoteClipboard()
I’m not getting any characters when I run it.
However, when I did it over Microsoft RDP, it was copying and pasting.
Below is a log from SUT

// =====================================
[INFO ] [64] 2024-04-19 21:54:42.282 |76c682e0ee2c3564|76c682e0ee2c3564|||DEVELOPER_LOG - n3ad08-coldrolling-quality-order|c.p.m.n.s.l.c.ItemFormationSpringLogic|소기준::Y
[INFO ] [64] 2024-04-19 21:54:42.283 |76c682e0ee2c3564|76c682e0ee2c3564|||DEVELOPER_LOG - n3ad08-coldrolling-quality-order|c.p.m.c.t.util|ignoreException
[INFO ] [64] 2024-04-19 21:54:42.283 |76c682e0ee2c3564|76c682e0ee2c3564|||DEVELOPER_LOG - n3ad08-coldrolling-quality-order|c.p.m.c.t.PosRequestInterceptor|PosRequestInterceptor : 76c682e0ee2c3564
[INFO ] [64] 2024-04-19 21:54:42.453 |76c682e0ee2c3564|76c682e0ee2c3564|||DEVELOPER_LOG - n3ad08-coldrolling-quality-order|c.p.m.n.s.l.c.ItemFormationSpringLogic|예약기준::Y
[INFO ] [64] 2024-04-19 21:54:42.454 |76c682e0ee2c3564|76c682e0ee2c3564|||DEVELOPER_LOG - n3ad08-coldrolling-quality-order|c.p.m.c.t.util|ignoreException
[INFO ] [64] 2024-04-19 21:54:42.454 |76c682e0ee2c3564|76c682e0ee2c3564|||DEVELOPER_LOG - n3ad08-coldrolling-quality-order|c.p.m.c.t.PosRequestInterceptor|PosRequestInterceptor : 76c682e0ee2c3564
[INFO ] [64] 2024-04-19 21:54:42.808 |76c682e0ee2c3564|76c682e0ee2c3564|||DEVELOPER_LOG - n3ad08-coldrolling-quality-order|c.p.m.n.s.l.c.ItemFormationSpringLogic|합금철 재질보상 기준 조회: Y

And if the log sentence is only in English, it works fine.
However, the error only occurs if the log sentence contains Korean characters.
Please let me know how to fix it.

Hey @wbfkrl,

this is a known issue.
In order to fix it you need to switch to the new RDP (beta) Connection type
Menu > Eggplant > Preferences/Settings > Connection > Use New RDP Beta connection.
In addition, you might need to add a Eggplant application default via command line.

Afterwards any asian or üöä é or similar will be present in the remote clipboard.

Kindly ask you to reach out to your Eggplant Technical Consultant or directly to our support team.
To guide you.
@shenpeng : Can you updated your statement as its not quite right. Also for VNC remote clipboard can work after changing one eggplant application default via command line.

RDP Beta connection with japanese


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