eggPlant Drive Memory Leak when Disconnecting from SUT

Using eggPlant Drive. (eggPlant 12.11-Windows)

Up until recently, we used to Connect to the SUT once, test for hours, and then Disconnect from the SUT.

Due to some unrelated network performance issues, we now Connect and Disconnect from the SUT each time a command is sent.

Upon making this switch, we now notice that eggPlant Drive consistently gains ~8MB of memory usage after each SUT Disconnect command. After hours and hundreds of commands, this starts to build up to the point of becoming an issue for our system.

Please advise.


It looks like you’re running an older version of eggPlant Functional (v12.11).

This issue has been fixed, so please upgrade to the latest version of eggPlant Functional (v14.21), available for download here:

Happy Testing!