Eggplant Crashes with OSX 10.3.2

Hi all,

I Upgraded my Emac to Panther and now it appears that Eggplant doesn’t like it. I can’t write more than a handful of words before it shuts down saying “this application has unexpectantly quit”.

Is anybody else having a problem with Panther?

There is no inherent compatability problem between Eggplant and Panther. There is an occasional crash that originates somewhere in Apple’s view hierarchy framework, but you might hit that once every few days, not every few minutes. We continue to try to isolate the exact cause of that crash, but it is difficult since it does not originate in our classes.

For anyone who experiences an Eggplant crash, please restart the application and use the “Report Bug…” option under the Help menu to send us the Eggplant crash log via e-mail – this will help us to home in on the cause of such crashes.

Also, please note that for Eggplant 1.42 on Panther there is a KNOWN crashing bug when the Remote Window is minimized. If you are running Panther then please don’t minimize the remote window. Instead, you can close it and get it back from the Window menu.